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After years of research and development we have established ourselves as leading producers of totally derived,environmentally friendly and in some cases organic compliant products.

Citrox technology incorporates a truly holistic approach designed to increase the efficiency of cleaning and sanitising operations in a wide diversity of applications such as farming, animal health, produce decontamination, water treatment, human medical and personal care.

We have produced this website with the aim of giving you a broad range of information on our products and application areas.
So whether you want to be a customer, want to work with us or just want to know more about us we hope you enjoy your visit!


Consumers worldwide are increasingly favouring natural products and change in laws are now forcing unsafe chemical products out of the market (e.g. EU Biocide Product Directive & EU REACH, USDA EPA, etc..)

The organic markets have been therefore rapidly developing worldwide over the last few years

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Swine flu: see press release
Use of ProAlexin and Citrox 14W Plus in New Zealand in flowers
Tea crop extensive trial in India
Use of ProGarda 14CP to control mould on hard cheese
Use of Citrox wet wipes to control of mastitis


How do we achieve efficiency in Cleaning?
Citrox has an amazing range of products which help not only in cleaning but also sanitising operations.

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The core biotechnology of Citrox is the use of complex compounds which have been developed by a team of scientists.

The key ingredients are flavonoids that are extracted through a specialised process from citrus fruits.

The extracted flavonoids are combined with a number of natural acids (from fruit and vegetable origins) to produce the core active substances which have a proven broad spectrum efficacy against harmful micro-organisms, fungi, moulds and yeast.
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